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Our Vision

To create the perfect opportunity for the dedicated manufacturer to concentrate on their core capabilities of producing first quality products. While offering them the warehousing and distribution model that has been developed to work with the largest retail customer. By using this scalable model, we intend to give all manufacturers the same speed to market as the industry leaders.
Founded in 1992, Contemporary Marketing has been fully committed to working with manufacturers searching for sales and marketing expertise in the hardware and home center industry. As the industry changed, so has Contemporary Marketing, evolving from an in-store service based provider to the manufacturing, warehousing and distribution center that we are today. While continuing to specialize in our core capabilities, Contemporary Marketing now offers a professional warehousing and distribution model to outside industries.

Our Mission

To be known as the "Best in Class" provider of the services that we offer, including DTS shipments for brick and mortar locations as well as DTC shipments for internet based sales.

Our Culture

By offering our employees a source of continuous employment and not part time work, we offer an environment that provides for their health and well being. With company provided health insurance, 401k plans and opportunities to advance, the quality and professionalism of our work shows in all of our products and services. We are also a drug-free workplace and testing is a prerequisite for employment.
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