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A meeting is scheduled with our customer marketing team to determine program type, scope, and the type of samples needed.

Vendor participants are contacted to review the details of the program as well as discussing raw material costs as they affect sample costs.

CMG uses GS1 to produce UPC and ITF numbers to be used in creating the SKU numbers.

SKU's are set up as in-stock items, special order, or on-line purchases shipped direct to the customer.

Raw materials are ordered from the vendors and labels are created and reviewed by vendors, CMG and marketing team.

Product is scheduled for production at CMG.

All items are added to the SAP for replenishment.

Production orders are created immediately upon receipt of orders from customers.

In addition, we offer a new web based ordering site available for customers to order sample materials.

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Depending on the type of sample, raw materials are delivered to CMG or scheduled for pick-up by vendor truck.

Raw materials are sized for the appropriate sample being produced; wood, laminate, vinyl or carpeting.

Two new Holzma HPP380 Beam Saws allows for the quick and precise cutting of wood, laminate and vinyl take home samples, display boards and panels. Cutting table allows cuts up to 10' x 12'. Eight OSC 14" Radial Arm Saws and dust collection systems are now on-line and producing up to 120,000 samples per 8 hour shift.

Additional Perpetual Machinery and B&J Carpet Cutting equipment increase production to over 100,000 carpet samples per day.

Special order boards are printed offsite and sample swatches are attached in-house according to specifications.

All CMG samples are labeled and 4 Automated Sealers are utilized for the packaging of finished product.

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