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Contemporary Marketing is currently housed in three separate warehouses that provide adequate real estate to handle sample production, warehousing and distribution. Our main facility has almost 150K Sq Ft of floor space that contains our four high speed Shanklin packagers, warehousing, distribution and our sample board production. Two additional 25K Sq. Ft. warehouses are utilized by our hard surface production equipment that includes a pair of 12' Holzma panel saws and raw material storage.

Special Projects

The warehouse facility also keeps 40K Sq Ft of special projects storage available for use according to the production needs of the company. In this area we can stage, assemble and pick/pack orders that are outside of our everyday business. This area has been utilized to handle varied projects as large as palletized roll-outs for large retail chains down to the shipment of individual samples.
special projects


All aspects of our warehousing model are controlled via our SAP B1 operating system, in conjunction with our NWare L.I.S.A. warehouse management software system. This barcode driven system of inventory control allows for constant and immediate reporting of movement within the warehouse, including incoming and outgoing shipments. Reporting can be provided in "real time" so the inventory numbers that are provided will be precise and up to the minute, allowing for better control of production needs.


With a WMS in place, all product movements are reported via Motorola handheld scanners. All aspects of the warehouse model are controlled via these scanned movements, from the receiving and QC check of raw materials to the final shipment of finished goods, our electronic process includes 10 separate scanning procedures.

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